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Hi Jacky,

Having spent over £1000 trying to train our very highly sprung Springer, Riley, I can honestly say we have achieved more with him through working with you, than we have with any other trainer and this includes one-to-one training and even residential training!

Not only does Riley respond to the training, but Claire and I honestly believe the social element is just as important to his development and we know he enjoys the classes as is witnessed by the enthusiasm with which he leaps from the car on arrival!!

Thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do for Riley as well as Claire and I. A well behaved dog only enhances the joy of dog ownership and you are helping us no end.

Keep up the good work!

Claire, Drew and Riley

I started going to obedience classes with 2 of our dogs in 2011 where they gained their
silver award. After a short break I decided to get back into dog obedience, Capable
Canines was my obvious choice as my dogs and I had learnt a lot there previously with the
help of Jacky.
I now have 4 dogs, 3 of which go to various classes at Capable Canines, one who is working towards gold in Obedience, a puppy who has just passed her Puppy Foundation Assessment and received a certificate and rosette, and another who has just started Agility.
The classes are lovely and relaxed and although they are not one-to-one, you still get a lot of help from Jacky & her helpers when & if you need it.
One of my dogs can be very nervous and would often 'shut down' when faced with situations outside of her comfort zone, however since going back to Capable Canines I have seen a big improvement in her overall, she has more confidence and is now working towards her Gold award.
Jacky has a way about her that makes the dogs trust and respect her, and seeing my shy little dog go from cowering away from people to now wanting and loving attention from Jacky and other people in the class, proves to me that this is the right environment for me and my dogs!
The 'classroom' is great, a big building that is fully secure so you're not worried about your loose dog escaping somehow and getting lost!
I would always recommend Capable Canines to anyone seeking a professional yet welcoming dog training venue.

Kate & dogs- Flint, Simba, Gemma & Nala


I have been attending classes at Capable Canines for over 2yrs, despite being fantastic fun to attend the information I have learned is invaluable to me, also the training we get is not just to tick boxes on a piece of paper, its realistic, for people that live in the real world, with real dogs that all have there flaws and feebles

I train an Irish Red Setter called Keisha, I regularly have people coming up to me making comments such as "ooh there untrainable", oh I used to have those, "mine would never sit", "mind would never down" and the classic comment of "there all mad, they never get tired!" , well, I agree with the part of being mad, but I am very proud to say that we achieved our gold level certificate in obedience with the help of Capable Canines!

One of the values that I greatly respect about Capable Canines is there openness and honesty, they wont just hand out certificates left right and Chelsea, you have to work for it, and they will help you every step of the way towards achieving your goals!, also if it was not for this attitude I would not have discovered my dog was 7 kilo's overweight, which makes a big difference when she should only weigh approx 25 kilos, with a little more exercise and diet control she is now at the perfect weight and fitness, thanks to Capable Canines

At Capable Canines they don’t just train you up and ship you off, Keisha and I passed our gold Level obedience about 7-months ago, since then we have been attending the agility training sessions which are great fun and exercise for both animal and handler, plus we are still attending an obedience class for those that have already passed there obedience to keep there skills up :-)

Mark & Keisha


Thor has benefitted greatly from his time with Capable Canines and enjoys it thoroughly. He certainly knows what to do even if he chooses when to apply this knowledge!

Although he has completed his Gold he still wants to come to classes and meet his friends.

Grant & Thor

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you’ve done for Alfie since we joined you following his attack. He has come on leaps and bounds in that time and is now much more confident and happy around people and other dogs. He’s also quite well behaved (well most of the time!) I suspect it will always be ‘work in progress’ with Alfie, with a few minor setbacks along the way, but that’s all part of who he is and we wouldn’t have him any other way. Thank you again.

We hope to see you again soon.
With kindest regards.
Deb Nunn

We have really enjoyed the classes and found them very helpful; I
have already recommended Capable Canines to everyone who has remarked on how
well-socialized Charlie has become. We will continue to reinforce his
training at home, as will our pet sitter who will be looking after all of
the dogs while we're at work. If my schedule changes, I will be writing to
you again to beg you to make a spot for Charlie to return!


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